Package name abbreviations

Nearly every font family is available in a wide range of differently configured packages. There are packages that support Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and have Lining figures built in as default figure set. Others only support Latin, but come with Hanging figures and additionally built in Small Caps. To distinguish these packages from each other, we use a special scheme for naming our font packages.


Parameter Contents Abbreviation
Language coverage Standard Latin A
A + Central/Eastern European B
B + Latin Extended C
C + Cyrillic D
D + Greek E
Default Figure Style Hanging Tabular 1
Hanging Proportional 2
Lining Tabular 3
Lining Proportional 4
Lower Lining Tabular 5
Lower Lining Proportional 6
Small Caps Small Caps included s
Small Caps instead of lowercase c


One of our best selling font packages is TheSans C4s. The abbreviation C4s indicates that the fonts have:
• Support for Standard Latin, Central and Eastern European and Latin Extended (C),
• Lining Proportional figures as default (4) and
• Small Caps included as an OpenType feature (s).

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