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TheMix Arabic is a modern Kufi font, originally designed by Luc(as) de Groot and Mouneer Al-Shaarani for the non-commercial Typographic Matchmaking Project by the Khatt Foundation in the Netherlands. During the following three years of development Luc(as) ― with the help of Sylvain Mazas ― changed it into TheSans Arabic and greatly improved its capabilities and design, including a Unicode 5.1-based extended Arabic glyph set, contextual alternates, advanced OpenType diacritic positioning and stylistic alternates as well as stylistic ligatures.

TheMix Arabic now comes back with its well-dosed amount of serifs and more Kufi-like glyphs which make it match its Latin counterpart while being respectful towards the traditional script.
Just like TheSans Arabic, TheMix Arabic has a contemporary, high impact, yet humanistic look and feel. The clarity of its design makes it a great display font, while making sure it performs well in small sizes. It also comes with all the great features developed for TheSans Arabic.

TheMix Arabic is available in eight weights, ranging from ExtraLight to Black.

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Compare TheMix Arabic and TheSans Arabic

Compare TheMix Arabic and TheSans Arabic