Layering Nebulae One, Two, Three and Four, making full use of the transparency of printing inks. Works on screen as well!

While working on Thesis in 1993–1994, Luc(as) sometimes took some time off from the tedious task of completing the huge superfamily, only to design more typefaces. Many of these were frivolous or ironic reworkings of the Thesis basic forms; some were more elaborate than others. Probably the most innovative and most successful of these was Nebulae, the first of the Thesis-derived display faces to be published in its own right.

The four members of the Nebulae family can be layered in order to obtain a denser and potentially more legible structure which can also be multi-coloured. A fifth version, Nebulae Three‑D, provides a plausible rendition of a dimensional alphabet.

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