LF Corpid

The name Corpid derives from Corporate Identity – which is what this family of low-contrast sans-serifs was made for.
Corpid was originally commissioned by Studio Dumbar in the Netherlands as a corporate typeface for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fishing. The font was designed to replace the existing standard typeface (a well-known business-like sans-serif) to provide the organization with a unique and strong identity.

Although it was designed to fit strict technical requirements, Corpid has a personality all of its own. This was in part a result of what Luc(as) calls “creating tension” between the inner and outer curves of each character. “I tend to put a little more diagonal contrast into fonts than is the case in most neutral sans serif fonts. This brings a certain humanistic touch to the typeface. Much more subtle here than in Thesis – but although it is almost invisible, it is still palpable.”

Left: mid-20th-century sans with irregluar, not-quite-monolinear stroke thickness. Right: LF Corpid’s dynamic tension.

Corpid, orginally known as Agro Sans, as presented in the Corporate Identity manual of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fishing (Studio Dumbar, 1997).

Corpid’s many faces

Corpid Customized. Corpid’s multiple-axis masters were made available to Metro’s design team, enabling them to choose the exact width, weight and contrast needed for the new headline face.

Delta Hinting. Corpid Office is a TrueType sub-family with manual hinting for optimum on-screen legibility. Nothing beats manual hinting for worry-free use of a typeface in the office environment.

Three widths. Corpid has Normal, Semi-Condensed and Condensed widths. The latter was originally developed for Amnesty International Germany’s magazine and made available to them for free.